Restores targeting performance on iOS 14.5+ devices
No-IDFA Solution
Empowers Facebook traffic acquisition
options for mobile apps
what is Web2App?
Web2app solution overcomes the obstacles posed by the IDFA limitation. You can promote apps on Facebook in the usual ways, getting all the analytics without reducing the performance of your campaigns
and goes to a landing page instead of the app page in the app store. And after he goes to the app store and downloads the app.
A user clicks on ads
is sent to Facebook Ads via our solution and can be used to optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns
All information about user behaviour
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How web2app work
Full analytics on user activity on Facebook Ads
Unlimited number of Facebook accounts and campaigns. Easy to test and work with different contractors
Complete conversion data available immediately
Possible to engage users in quizzes, mailings, retargeting at the top of the funnel
Low price in ad auctions
Low CPI and CPA
without web2app
Facebook Ads has no data on user activity in the product (activation, payments)
Only 1 Facebook account and 9 ad campaigns per app. Difficult to test promotion
Aggregated conversion data with up to 48 hours delay
Only simple promotion funnel possible
High competition in ad auctions
CPI and CPA skyrocketed on iOS devices
How to set up web2app
Create one or more landing pages for your app
Follow our instructions to set up web2app in Ads Manager, MMP and app
Perform settings in our web2app platform
What does the platform look like?
Landing page settings
URL defining and links setting between events in the app and Facebook
Facebook Ads settings
Connecting of Facebook Pixel and Facebook CAPI Token
Our solution works efficiently with the major platforms and MMPs
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We can also set up web2app for you on a turnkey basis
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